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Thread: What am I doing wrong ( softmodding my wii)

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    Question What am I doing wrong ( softmodding my wii)


    I've been trying to softmod my wii for several days now
    So I can play my backups

    But it isn't working
    i've tried nearly everything I believe

    What have I done already:

    installed homebrew channel
    installed bootmii
    made a NAND backup
    installed Wad manager
    Installed Multimod Manager
    installed wad files
    installed prii loader
    edited prii loader settings

    but still when I put de backup disc in my wii it isn't recognizing it
    I use the single layer verbatim DVD"s

    Anyone know what i'm doing wrong or what i'm missing ?
    any help would be appreciated

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    first off, you'll need a back up loader, if you have a console that is able to play backups off of a DVD R. Newer Wii's cannot play DVD R media.

    If you followed the mod any wii guide, then you will have a back up loader installed on your wii as its in the packages.

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    I've got a pretty old wii so that won't be the problem
    I followed a tutorial that was given with the bathaxx download
    I am now comparing the mod any wii guide with the tut i used

    So I need to install DARKCORP ?
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    Ok I did everything
    except for that final step

    my tutorial said that it should have worked

    but I just installed DARKCORP and it's running smooth now
    Thanks very much

    thread can be closed

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    You don't NEED darkcorp, backups can be played with a loader. Its not recommended that people install darkcorp unless they know how it works.

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    It didn't recognize the dvd before
    and when I installed darkcorp it did

    It worked for me so,
    and that was all I was trying to achieve

    thanks for helping


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