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Thread: wii shop channel loading forever? please help

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    Exclamation wii shop channel loading forever? please help

    Hi,my wii is korean and in system menu 3.2u.It is softmodded I installed the shop channel v19 it worked but 20 didnt . v19 worked means when I press start it enters and load but loads forever,nothing comes except the blue circle loading.

    I am new to wii hacks if this is not the place for this thread I am sorry.

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    Did you follow my shop guide to install v19 that has been altered to actually be v25? Or are you referring to something else? Is your internet set up and working on the Wii?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    1.yes,I did exactly 2,my network connection is set up and working.

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    Should have asked in the guide then. Is your wii region changed? If it isn't then you can install shop channel v20 Korean and it should work fine. Verify that you have the correct country chosen in the Wii Settings.
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    I am sorry i didnt asked in the guide. yes, my wii is region changed . but I will try to change country.

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    What was the reason for double posting the same info in two different back to back posts?
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    I edit the first but it gives me two posts.

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    I changed my country and it [WORKED]


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