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Thread: my errors please help

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    Us my errors please help

    i have a few games i have problems with

    1. need for speed under cover
    (002 error)
    (i have installed the new things)
    2. Shaun white road trip
    (black screen with saying error can not read disc after palying for a few)
    3, rayman TV party
    (same as Shaun white)
    4. sonic unleashed
    (freezes on second story)

    burn most games on hp dvd-r at 2.4x
    using imgburn

    all i do is export the rar and use leaked loader to make a patition
    then burn.

    plz help

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    =\, you DO KNOW searching error 002 would bring up the anwser

    1) needs IOS 53 and 55, search error 002 to fix, if u dont then i wont help
    2 - 3) reburn, or try booting in gecko OS
    4) sounds like a bad disc reburn, or if its the backup loader, then thats just how the game is

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    i did search i did install 53 and 55 and nothing
    u say us gecko to load 2 and 3
    so re burn sonic and should work

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    it fixed it for most people, try Cios 37, and IOS 51 =\

    also yes it should work, if not its just a problematic game, since white has been posted atleast once befor

    and yes it should

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    i tryed gecko with raymans and it said no dvd am i burning it wrong

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    bad disc
    bad burn
    bad ISO
    could be any of them, same with white

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    also how do i burn ssbb the iso is 4.32 gb but once i patch it it is over 6gb what do i do

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    its a Dual layer game, get a DL disc, and it needs a special layer break, search for it, its posted here like 40+ times

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    i burn need for speed with the 002 error fix and it works but i burned it at 2.4x and at times part of the track wont load and it makes my car reset should i burn it slower to fix this problem

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    if youre using gamma, it cant be helped
    if youre using a chip, yes, or it might be the ISO


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