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Thread: Shaun White Skateboarding cfg usb loader black screen

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    Shaun White Skateboarding cfg usb loader black screen

    Hi i have looked all aroung the site where this issu has popped up but no real info has been given.

    i have Shaun White Skateboarding PAL on cfg usb loader v6 and i have hermes222/223 installed
    when i load the game , black screen , do i need to install another ios or something.


    Sorry if this has already been answered

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    Just Ripped This to My HDD Using CFG 60. 249 rev 19 Also Black screen. I have All my Hermes 222/223/224 No Joy. Quick think from other games Leads me to adding cIOS 250[57]-v20 to my system I opened Wad manager 1.7 Set to load 250. searched my SD card for cIOS 250..... installed.
    Back to load game changed and saved (press 1 for game options) down to IOS changed to 250, 2 to save settings. Now Trying to learn to skateboard ENJOY! I can only Imagine there are other ways to achieve same result. Maybe upgrade to 249 rev 20....... Above worked for me sorted in approx 10 mins.

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    This helped alot thanks Grandpa1959.
    And for anyone else having this problem just use wad manager to load ios50 and install cIOS 250[57]-v20 into this slot and then in your usb loader set it to load ios250 for this game.
    Make sure you use a wad manager version which will allow you to select which ios to load at the start of the wad installation.
    i used cfg USB LOADER, cIOS 250[57]-v20, WAD MANAGER V1.4


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