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Thread: 5v power for ejection problem

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    5v power for ejection problem

    I soldered a d2pro9 v3 to d2e chipset. Games work fine but I encountered ejection problem when I want to play another games. I have to power down and restart the wii in order to play. someone from the forum recommeded me to add 5v power to the mod chip. How? has anyone done this? The ejection problem seems to be on some d2e chipset.

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    D2pro has always had this problem

    did u update the firmware to the latest, that should fix it

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    No I didn't update the firmware. I think my d2pro9 chip was v3 with 2.1 firmware on the Actel/1.5 on the SPI. How Do i update the chip to the latest firmware?

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    dvd, and Jtag, go on the website for more details

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    I am assuming the d2pro9 website, right? correct me if I am going in the wrong diection.

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    2.1 firmware? How do you have such an old one still?

    2.3/1.6 or 2.4/1.6 is what you need where the problem is fixed. The update on d2pro site right now is not for d2e chipsets. I would contact the company ordered from to see if they can swap it for you.
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