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Thread: WiiMC Network Share?

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    WiiMC Network Share?

    Resolved! But thanks anyways, explanation at bottom if anybody finds this in a search. :-)

    Ok been messing around and reading on this the better part of the night and can't figure anything out.

    I have 3 PCs on my network...

    2 are Windows 7: I went to video folder, right clicked, hit share, added "Everybody" to the list, clicked Accept.

    1 is Windows Vista: I did the exact same. (why did i make 2 lines for this?) :-P

    I went into WiiMC, clicked settings, clicked Network, clicked Add SMB Share...

    Display Name: I put a generic label
    Share IP: I put the IP of each computer (cmd > ipconfig/all > ipv4 address)
    Share Name: Name of the folder I shared to "Everybody"
    Username and Password were left blank per the guides I read and since I have none setup on my computer.

    Anybody who has messed with this have any ideas? (the Vista pc is the bigger concern)

    ---Windows 7 and Vista require a slightly different step. Once you get your folder that your planning on sharing... right click on the folder, click properties, click sharing tab, click Advanced button, check Share this folder. Thats it. That one check box had me stumped :-P
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