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Thread: Homebrew channel

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    Homebrew channel

    How do I get it, I have wii 4.3e and and nsmb Mario kart and wii sport/resort

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkmail View Post
    [20:35] <+skellinator>
    [20:36] <%desperado836> lol
    [20:36] <@Luigi> skellinator's URL: - Homebrew channel
    [20:36] <+skellinator> was just in here too
    [20:36] <%desperado836> jeez, another guide read fail
    [20:37] <%desperado836> who closed it, damn, junkmail!
    [20:37] <+skellinator> not sure who, was waiting to see that
    [20:37] <%desperado836> told him that earlier
    Really? I even told you to post in the introduce yourself section. Feel free to try and meet us 1/8th way.


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