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Thread: Preparing your SD card for use

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    The WiiKey Fusion can make use of a file system designed specifically for the Wii; WBFS, it allows more games to be stored on a SD card than Fat/32 or NTFS file systems.

    The first step in using the SD card for your is to format it in the WBFS format.

    Note: Formatting your SD card will remove ALL data that is currently on it, please make sure that you have copied any important data off it prior to following the steps below.

    You should first identify the drive letter of your SD card in My Computer or otherwise as WBFS Manager only presents the drive letter for selection in its interface, if you pick the wrong drive letter you could end up formatting data off a hard drive! If you are unsure what drive letter it is a good way would be to open My Computer without the SD card plugged in then plug the SD card in, refresh My Computer, the letter which has newly appeared is that of your SD card.

    Once you have confirmed which letter your SD card is press the format button in WBFS manager and click Yes in the warning dialog that is shown.

    If the formatting of your SD card completed successfully you will be presented with the box shown above. Click OK then make sure the drive letter of your SD card is still selected in the drive list and click the button circled above labelled 'Load'. Your SD card is now formatted and ready to be used for games/updates.
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