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Thread: Updating the WiiKey Fusion

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    To load a game from SD card boot the Wii console with no disc in the console and a SD card in the WiiKey Fusion external SD card reader.

    When the main menu loads a GameCube game will show in the disc channel.


    Press start and the WiiKey menu will be loaded.


    The menu is controlled using the reset button on the front of the Wii, a brief press cycles to the next item in the list, holding the reset button on an item will open/load the item.

    To load a game cycle through the items till you get to the one you want, i.e. in the image above to load Wii Music, the reset button should be pressed 2 times then the reset button held. Once you have held the reset button to load the item you would like, the Wii will reset, the game/item you selected will now show in the disc channel, simply select and play.

    When you want to change the game, at the Wii main menu press eject then reset the console, when the Wii main menu re-appears, the WiiKey menu (GameCube Icon) will show back in the disc channel allowing you to choose your next game. Simple as that!

    The WiiKey Fusion can be updated from SD card. The update files are available from: Wiikey Resources & Downloads you will need to register and create an account on the site.


    Once you have created an account and accessed the members area you will be presented with some options, click the WiiKey Fusion link.


    Then select your region.


    Once you have selected your region the available updates will be shown, clicking 'Get this file' will present the form shown above. To be able to download the update you must enter a legitimate serial number, this is located on the yellow sticker on the back of the WiiKey Fusion and can also be found in the corner of the WiiKey menu.

    Enter your serial and click add, after doing this and checking the 'I agree to the above terms and conditions' check box the Download button will turn orange and you will be able to download the file.


    The file you download will be named similar to the above i.e. wkf_upd_1_1.5Vz9________Eq_X.7z although 1_1 may be 1_2 or later, this is the update version number, the end of the filename if part of your serial number. The .7z archive can be extracted using WinRAR or 7-Zip software.


    Once extracted you will be left with an ISO file which can be added to your SD card using WBFS manager in a similar manner to adding games. You do not need to format the card or remove any games from it before adding the update ISO.


    Boot your Wii console with the SD card inserted in to the WiiKey Fusion card reader and no disc in the DVD drive. When the Wii menu loads up it will show a GameCube game in the disc channel.


    Clicking the start button will show the WiiKey Fusion menu.


    This is the WiiKey Fusion menu, your current version number is shown in the top right hand corner next to SW Version, in this case the version is 1.0, the update is shown in the game/software list as WIIKEY FUSION Update 1.1, this will of course change depending on what software update you have on the card.

    To navigate the menu, a brief press of the reset button on the front the Wii console cycles through the menu options, holding the reset button load/selects the option. So to load the update on the console shown in the screen shot the reset button would be pressed 3 times briefly then when on the WIIKEY FUSION Update 1.1 option the reset button would be held.

    Once you have held the reset button and loaded the update the console will reset to the Wii main menu once again. A GameCube game will show up in the disc channel, once loaded this will start the WiiKey Fusion update, it is automatic and does not require any user input, once complete the Wii will reset.


    You can verify that the update was successful by accessing the WiiKey Fusion menu again, the version number in the corner should have updated the the software version you updated with. The update is now complete and can be removed from your SD card.
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