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    The WiiKey Fusion is the latest fully solder less Nintendo Wii modchip from the world famous innovating WiiKey team who brought us the very first first Wii mod chip, the WiiKey, then one of the best selling modchips ever the WiiKey 2 and later the first ever solderless plug and play modchip for the Wii console, the Drive Key.

    Solderless Wii mod chips allow backup and imported, or other region copies of Wii and GameCube games to load on the Wii console and installation is completely solder free, simply plug and play!

    The WiiKey Fusion is the successor to the incredibly popular and successful Drive Key chip; it combines the full, complete, feature set of the Drive Key with the new pioneering ability to load full games from a stylish external SD card reader which is included with the WiiKey Fusion.

    Nintendo have introduced new consoles which include the latest black and white Wii consoles that have drives with D3-2, D3 mini and D4 chipsets. With these new DVD chipsets Nintendo have disabled the playing of backups from disc/DVD. This change made all previous modchips including the Drive Key, Wasabi DX, WiiKey 1 and 2 unusable; the WiiKey Fusion allows backups to be loaded on these consoles by allowing you to load backup games from standard SD/SDHC (Secure Digital) memory cards.

    The WiiKey Fusion supports ordinary Secure Digital/SD cards as well as bigger capacity SDHC cards up to 32GB in size allowing you to fit a huge number of games on one card eliminating the need to switch discs to change game. This offers the opportunity to protect your expensive game discs from scratches and potential damage, ideal for those with young children. A built in configuration menu allows you to configure the auto blocking of system updates as well as auto boot, region and options to turn the WiiKey Fusion on and off.

    Installation of the WiiKey Fusion is simple and safe. Simply disconnect the cable from the DVD drive and mainboard of the Wii console and connect the WiiKey Fusion in between using the ribbon cable provided, installation is easy, quick and safe with no risk of bricking, no soldering required at all!

    This modchip is ideal if you have a console with a DVD drive that has epoxy/’black glue’ on the drive chipset, a D3/’D2nothing’ console or a new D3-2 / D3 mini or D4 drive console, the WiiKey Fusion is compatible with ALL currently released Wii consoles and all software versions, simply plug and play.

    The WiiKey Fusion allows backup games to be loaded from SD cards on ALL currently available Wii consoles including the latest black and white consoles. It works with BOTH SD card and backup DVDs/discs on DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2, D2E, D3/d2nothing drive consoles.

    The WiiKey Fusion can be purchased from or today at the lowest price available. We provide full, comprehensive pre-sale and after sale support, assisting you with the installation, operation and daily use of products bought from us. We include the two philips and tri-wing screwdrivers required to open your Wii console with the WiiKey Fusion FREE of charge. We are based in North America and ship from Canada and USA to anywhere in the world. We have thousands of happy customers, try us and see why.
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