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Thread: problem burning wii iso files.

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    problem burning wii iso files.

    Hi to all.

    I have tried several times to get a disk to work in my wii. every time i insert the new disk into my wii is can not read it. I use image burn on my dell inspiron laptop. The dvd's i use are memorex dvd-r. The burner in the laptop is an HL-DT-DT DVD + - RW GT10N. Please can someone help me out on my problem. Thanks for any help in advance.

    Thanks Mike

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    Do you know for a fact your wii can read backups?

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    Yes my wii has been soft moded. I just looked at the file i installed and it was (pal) and my wii should take NTSCU. Will that make a difference?
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    If your wii is softmodded, the region won't make a difference with the correct settings, however, just because it is softmodded does not mean it can play backups. Wiis about 2yrs old and newer have a new dvd drive in them that prevents reading backups. Although, the crap memorex you are using could also be the cause. Search for the thread about burning backups for more info.

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    You can try to run a PAL ISO on a NTSC console, but there is no guarantee that it will work. Always install retail disc of your region for best compatibility.
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    I am new to this site as well but one thing I have learned is that if the Wii is new (such as the black, red or manufactured relatively recently) the disc reader WILL NOT read any type of burned disc. I have also read that disc burning games spin only at 3x's speed as opposed to 6x's as an original would so you end up with choppy games anyway. Best thing to do is get WBFS manager 3.0 on your desktop computer and a USB drive, format the ISO to WBFS (this program does it automatically), disconnect from computer and put in wii and use the outer most USB plug in on your Wii and load the game using USB loader GX or some other type of loader app that you can run thru homebrew channel and it's usually money. I just softmodded last week and I'm already running a few backups seamlessly. Plus it let's you download game covers too so it looks pretty slick. PM me if you want any more explanation. Otherwise check out the tutorial section. It's pretty informative! Good luck.

    Ps...I have also been advised to never run any other region versions than the one you bought it in unless you really know what your doing and know how to change the loader settings to be appropriate. Otherwise there is a risk of bricking...that's what I've been told.
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    Your never supposed to give help via PM that is so other people can learn what you said. I thought you could only brick if you accepted the update on a out of region disk and it would be a semi brick, but since i only hacked for two things and you cant do one and the other is emulators, im not sure.
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    Thanks for the PM advice...makes sense. As for the bricking part, when you use a loader I'm pretty sure its a different story. There are options in the loader to specifically load other regions iso's. If you do not specify I believe you run the RISK of bricking. I am not saying 100% but from the advice I have been getting they have said to stick with NTSC-U until I learn more. Just passing on newbie info I suppose. Hopefully my previous post helps this guy!


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