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Thread: Covers in Wii Backup Manager

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    Covers in Wii Backup Manager

    I recently installed on my PC the newest "Wii Backup Manager" (0.3.7 build 58).
    There is an option to download covers from Internet, but I can't figure out how to do it.

    Can anyone help me? Pretty please..

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    Most USB loaders allow you to download the covers in the loader. The cover images will download right onto your HDD.

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    Help With Cfg Covers

    Hey guys, I am using cfg and it has been working great. Well today I noticed that I had two copies of the game (ultimate board collection). I checked the second one and it was really "The Sims 3." Somehow the name and cover for The Sims 3 was replaced by Ultimate Board Collection. Not sure how that happened but can anyone help me so I can change it. I'm using 65-222 nloader if that helps. Do I need to update 65? Not sure what to do. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Rename the cover to that of Sims 3 gameid.

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    Thanks for the reply mrkazador, I think I tried that. I'm using NTFS so it creates a folder, renamed it to Sims 3. Opened the folder and all that it said was [RUBEVN].wbfs which is also what the Ultimate Board Game folder said. They appear to have the same game id name so not sure how to do it. Both had RUBEVN.wbfs in their respective folders, so I renamed the Sims 3 game to: The Sims 3[RUBEVN].wbfs but it is still calling the game Ultimate Board Game Collection. Can I just make up a random game id? Will it show up as The Sims 3 if I do so? Thanks.
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    Search for the game at, rename your wbfs to that game id. If that doesn't work use this program to change the game id.
    WII ISO Gametitle Renamer -

    NTSC: S3ME69
    PAL: S3MP69
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    Ok will try the advice. Thank you so much for the quick response. Will let you know if that works. Thanks again!

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    Ok went to and found the game id (then I realize you had it post already so thank you for that) tried to change it but window manager won't pick it up, keep saying invalid with a line through it. Tried different way and still nothing. So I tried to download the link you sent and it opens but won't work for me. Gives me a crazy message when trying to open iso. Tried to load in Backup Manager and it loads something but it's not the game. Frustrated going to bed, if you can think of anything else, please let me know. I'll try these steps again in the morning maybe I'm brain dead right now. Thanks for trying to help.

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    Ok I've been at this all morning and I still cannot solve this issue. I followed mrkazador suggestions but still can't get my wii or wii backup manager to recognize the new game id. Anybody knows what gives?

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    You could just delete it, then re-rip with the original disc.

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