I have a copy of my Dragon ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 game, and after several weeks worth of gametime, I have gotten sick of the music.
I found a few guides on editing the AFS file (File in ISO that contains game music in .ADX format) but they all say that the file has to be smaller. Mine is 300MB bigger (Seriously, how the hell am I meant to get 3MB ADX files when an average song, converted from wav/mp3/ogg/etc is a 12 MB ADX? I was told to just use one song in the whole file -_-) than the original.

Now, I saw somewhere (Can't remember where, otherwise I wouldn't be asking ) that to replace the afs file with a bigger afs file, you need to change the alloted space (Just like I did with the afs file) using a hex editor (As a program has not been made that edits the iso). What I need to do is, i need to edit the space that was made for the original afs file and have to beef it up 300MB or so.

I am at a loss here, as I am no Hexadecimal Ninja. I tried giving a few shots with some generic HexEditor I got from google, and I am...Confused. To say the least.

So yeah, help?
And if needed, here are the hex codes that need changed. It's HOW that I need help with >_>
0x940EE2E4 - Found next to file name
0x48BCE000 - Found after above
58 - Was at far left of window of Wiiscrubber with file selected
Name of file I'm meddling with is : wzs3eu2.afs

And don't say it is impossible. I DID increase the size of the "Un-sizeable" AFS after all :3