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Thread: Wad Removal Help

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    Wad Removal Help

    I've looked all over the forums and can't find a clear answer for this. I want to clear some old installed channels on my Wii. However, I'm missing some of the wads I originally used. I've read that I HAVE to use Wad Manager WITH the wad I want to remove in order to remove all traces of the installed wad. So am I stuck with data on my Wii I no longer need, or is there a way to yank out all those pesky bits? Thanks in advance.

    - Azharen

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    AnyTitle Deleter can do what you want.

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    you can delete them through data management, or anytitledeleter.
    Anytitledeleter will delete more of it, data management less, and wad uninstall removes most.
    (EX - uninstall wad > anytitledeleter > remove through data management)
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    Here is a list of channels that can be removed: Title database - WiiBrew

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    I'm willing to bet DOP-Mii, or DOP-Mii Wiibrew Edition will be able to remove the channels or update them as you wish.


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