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Thread: Swiss 0.1 is released - GC backups from SD Gecko or IDE-EXI

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    Swiss 0.1 is released - GC backups from SD Gecko or IDE-EXI

    By emu_kidid

    Swiss 0.1
    Well it's finally here - Swiss version 0.1

    Please note that from this point on - I'd consider every aspect of this as Work in Progress - and this is why it is open to the public now. Your bug finding and suggestions will be the bloodlines to this project

    Swiss is the software that I've been developing on and off the past few months or so. I've labelled it "Swiss" because it'll hopefully (not initially) boast more features than any other homebrew Gamecube utility out there. It is very losely based on the SD-Boot source but about 90% was re-written

    It is 100% open sourced and available online so you can see changes as I make them and I'll be releasing binary versions with every new feature/improvement.

    Current Features:
    - Load DOL from SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Load GCM/ISO from Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Multi-Game DVD-R support (Cobra/GCOS)
    - Multi-Disc support Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Disc Ripping to SD/SDHC/HDD (WIP)
    - Region free / Video forcing (480p) (WIP)
    - Full cheat engine for all games (update it via SD/SDHC)
    *HDD features require a IDE-EXI or homemade adapter
    **SD features require a SDGecko or homemade adapter

    Definite future features (in order of priority):
    - Memory Card Management
    - USBGecko/SE support
    - IPL/SRAM/DVD-ROM/RAM dumping
    - IPL Configuration

    - 480P video mode forcing is Work in Progress - it may not work at all yet!
    - Disc dumping is known to corrupt some HDD's - still work in progress!

    - Audio Streaming games on original DVD are broken on Wii

    Source Download

    Binary Download

    * DO NOT USE an Action Replay or SD Media Launcher Disc as the boot disc *
    The IDE-EXI that allows the use of a hdd is $32 (+ $14 S&H to the USA). Or you can make your own.
    This should work in a Wii with a cMIOS.

    IDE-EXI arrives and web store opens!

    * Poster: emu_kidid
    * Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:57 pm

    I'm proud to announce the opening of the gc-forever web store and also the arrival of the IDE-EXI

    You can access the web store from the left side of the main page under "Web Store".
    I have about 60 IDE-EXI's to sell, there are about 10 reserved, and 30 will be going to liquitt to sell from Europe (shortly).

    The web store is a little empty right now, but I'll add in a few more items as time passes.

    ETA for things currently is set at:
    - IDE-EXI shipping commences around the 28/01/2011
    - Swiss beta will be released at around the same time
    - The Europe web-store should be opening shortly too

    A device which allows an IDE ATA HDD (or SATA through a bi-lateral IDE-SATA compatible adapter) to be connected to your Gamecube or Wii via the Memory Card slots for homebrew and storage purposes.

    The adapter supports up to 2 TB with full LBA 48 support.

    * Capabilities of launching Gamecube Mode unsigned code are required before you can use this device on a GC and Wii.
    ** A separate power source is required for the compatible HDD connected to the IDE-EXI adapter.
    *** The adapter PCB is the perfect thickness so that it does not move around freely in the slot - also using a IDE cable is so that there will not be any stress on the connector.
    source - gc-forever - Gamecube/Wii Forums - View topic - IDE-EXI arrives and web store opens!
    webstore - gc-forever — GC IDE-EXI Adapter[/SPOILER]
    download -
    source - gc-forever - Gamecube/Wii Forums - View topic - Swiss 0.1


    Wii Swiss Booter
    by WiiPower

    Version 0.2:

    Version 0.1:

    What's this?
    This program searches all storage for the swiss executable and then runs it in gamecube mode. It does require a cMIOS to do this like other gamecube homebrew booters. But this is modified to execute one command MIOS would execute and which is required to reset the drive. Short: Other gamecube homebrew booters may not allow the booted gamecube homebrew to reset the drive, this one does.

    Current status:
    - No graphics output at all
    - No errors or warnings, it will either work or not
    - USB storage might not be working(did not work for me, but the code is there...)

    I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this or how to spell the text for the HBC better.
    source -
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    My experience with it thus far in the little bit of time I got to play around with Swiss (from this thread):

    There is potential. I got it to boot and somewhat work. The trick to get it working on the Wii for me was to insert a real GC disc in the drive. When I tried booting an ISO without a disk in it would tell me the tray was open. I put a Wii disc in the drive and it would load the ISO and freeze at 33% then give me an error. Next I tried a GC backup and it would also freeze at 33% and give me an error. Then for the hell of it I tried a blank DVD-R and it told me there was no disc in after thrashing around for a while. Finally I put a real CG mini disc in and it would allow me to boot ISOs from the SD Gecko. Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure to be exact. I haven't played around much and have only tried two images. My initial findings...Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy black screens and freezes requiring hard reboot. Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain booted to the create save game screen. My Gecko was in slot B and I didn't have a memory card in at first. When it said no memory card detected I told it to continue without saving...Black screen and hard reboot. I tried again with a memory card in slot A and my Gecko in B and got the same results. So there is definitely potential. At least I got a game to boot somewhat.
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    I'm currently working on a guide. Hopefully I'll have it up by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I figured emulation could take a break for such a big event.
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    Cool. Would be cool if it USB loading works on the Wii but doubt this is likely. Plus, this was designed mainly for the Gamecube so doubt it may be extended that far to enable much on the Wii.

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    I still have a lot of testing to do as far as game play. At least maybe if I put a guide up it will get more people up and testing it so progress can further via more testers. Much like you did with DIOS MIOS. SD Geckos and SD/SDHC cards are fairly cheap. If results are good with my Gecko I'm willing to toss the money down on the IDE-EXI adapter. Who doesn't have an old IDE drive and power supply laying around. LOL I know I have a 160GB so that should hold roughly about 100 or so full GC ISO give or take. At least there may finally be a softmod solution for owners with drives that won't play backups or those of us that are just lazy and don't want to switch discs.

    Edit: The guide will definitely be up tomorrow. I'm 25 pics and 2 videos deep so I'm almost there. I have to get some sleep for work though.
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