Hi, its been awhile since I've given much thought to what's going on under the hood of the ol' wii, since everythings been running smoothly . . . until now, except COD: BlOPS. (as well as a few other minor things) So I'm looking at changing up my setup, and am getting overwhelmed trying to figure out what the smoothest lineup would be.

Anyways,currently I have priiloader booting me into CFG Loader with cIOS222 (which i think I use for pretty much everything - seems to work fine) Also have cIOS249rev14 and use triiforce with iso forwarders to run wiiware from CFG loader. This setup is not bad, but can be a bit clunky when I install new wads and things.

So I've been reading about whats currently out there in terms of cIOS's loaders, and nand emulation and I'll admit I'm a bit lost but have come up with a possible plan of attack:

USB Loader GX 2.0 looks pretty slick - i can launch homebrew from within it and make forwarders to emulated wiiware so i can run everything from one place. I like that!

Mighty Channels - as i understand just a newer version of triiforce that works with other bases, I presume it will work the same way as far as setting up iso forwarders?

Now, as far is cIOS stuff, I'm not 100% clear on what my best options are?
Is rev21 proving to be stable, works with triiforce/mightychannels etc?
I've also never chosen bases or anything, so could someone recommend a setup that should work well IOS58 working for most things?

OK this is getting long - at this point I'm open to suggestions.

TL;DR Don't know whats a good up to date loader/nand emu/cIOS/base setup and am drowning in old posts . HELP!