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Thread: Sundriver Software Setup Help!

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    Sundriver Software Setup Help!

    I've searched the forums but cannot find anything other than 'wont work on 4.3'. I'm by no means an amateur when it comes to this stuff but I'm stumped.

    So, I've tried installing all software on my sundriver using every single combination of installers and menu iso's on the website. Im running firmware 4.1E and my Wii had the homebrew channel and NeoGamma installed. Which I've since deleted.

    The problem is that I can't get the gamecube channel to appear. I presume that after the drive is formatted and the menu.iso is loaded onto the drive, the game channel loads it as a gamecube disk first, right?

    Here are my steps the last time I tried:

    I used the SunDisk & SunDriver Application v015 package.

    As soon as I plug the usb in to program it, it constantly flashes red while plugged in, is this correct?

    Then I format the drive through the application. Then I click Use NGC Game Menu and upload NGC menu. I upload SUN-MENU-V7.iso.

    Red light now constant. Exit application, remove usb. Intermittent blue flashes on LED now.

    Proceed to disk channel where it just says 'unable to read disc'.

    What the hell am I doing wrong? Thankyou in advance.

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    Sorry for the double post, but ive done a bit more playing and figured out that I can run Wii iso's if I pick it in the PC application as opposed to the GC menu. I just cannot get the GC menu up and running?!?!?

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    Working now, full format did it.
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