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Thread: My problem list

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    Us My problem list

    Hello guys,

    Sorry but i am a newbie with Wii.

    I readed the FAQ and i am downloading the Zelda Twinlight to install de Homebrew channel (i believe that my firm is 3.4, because the Homebrew cd didnt worked and i have no updates left at system update).

    Well, my Wii is moded with d2Pro9 Firm 1.?? with WiiClip (i cant use the Utility Disc :[, and i wont buy a d2Prog to change it, so :~~)

    My Wii is American but i download every game from ESPAL (PAL). Every one works without any changes (download and burn), EXCEPT:

    - Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkachi 3 - Wii identifies the game but when i try to start it, got a Black Screen :/

    - Mario Party 8 - Same problem

    - Dragon Quest Swords - Same problem

    - Table Tennis - Blue error screen, like old Windows blue screen errors.

    - Super Smash Bros (One Layer)(PAL) - When i insert the disc, i instantly receive a black screen with an Error, saying to Eject the disk and restart the console o.O

    Burn Info: I always burn all games with an EMTEC DVD-R 4.7gb, at 8x with Nero.


    1) The Home Brew channel will solve ALL my problems? Or at least the black screen problem?

    2) Why SSBB gives this error?

    3) Theres any other thing i have to do/read/install?

    Thank you very very much!

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    first 3 games, might get fixed with homebrew
    bad burn or ISO, redownload or burn
    requires a special layer break search for it, it wont work without it

    yes, Gecko OS will do that, maybe or give u a better idea why
    like i said layer break issue search for it
    not really, just install it
    wii > settings > upper right = firmware

    3.3 = beta 1
    3.4 = beta 2
    anything else can use the ISO

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