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Thread: Looking for somebody that owns "lego star wars" to finish exploit

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    Looking for somebody that owns "lego star wars" to finish exploit

    i am looking to port the jubba the haxx exploit to all available versions of the game. i am looking for somebody with a NEW PAL copy and ANY JAP copy, and the knowhow to dump the game

    i dont mind writing the hack for these versions of the game, but i will only be able to do it if somebody that has the game comes forward.

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    Thread stuck for the time being in hopes that someone will notice it. Thanks!

    Edit: Also blogged it and posted in the thread for the exploit.
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    I own Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga [PAL]. But why do you need a NEW copy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bliepo View Post
    But why do you need a NEW copy?
    My guess would be a newer version of the game has been released to the public at large. Similar to how there are multiple versions of Twilight Princess and other games, as distinguished by the code at the center of the disc.
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    I too own Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PAL). It was bought for me just before Xmas.

    Is this of any help?

    What code are you referring to? I can see 3 possible codes....not sure which one you would want.

    Edit: Just realised that this is 4 days old and knowing the speed with which you guys work I guess my response might be outdated already. Well, its there if you need it.
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    im looking for the disc that is stamped " ... RVL-RLGP-0A-1 ... ".
    the "-1" at the end is important. "-0" is the original version of the game. if you have the PAL or JAP "-1" version, please email giantpune <at> gmail [dot] com

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    Okie D.

    I saw a code along those lines. I'm at work ATM but will check for you when I get home. Hopefully I can help as I would like to give back for all that I've taken from this website.

    Just got home and checked - RVL-RLGP-EUR-B0

    Guess that means its not what you're after. Sorry.
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