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Thread: games i copy dont work help

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    games i copy dont work help

    hi all just got the kids wii softmod, the games ive downloaded so far wont work thay start to load then comes up, the disc could not be read refer to the wii operations manual for detas, can eny1 help me out new to this

    original games still work the wii is about a year old now, i just downloaded SuperMarioGalaxy 2 and some overs ive copyed the iso file to dvd-r with imgburn, iv put it in the wii starts to load then stops and says that

    plzz can enl1 hlep on this


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    Downloading games = piracy and we don't condone piracy here! Suggest u read the rules

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    Please do not make another thread asking for help with pirated material. Dump your orignal games to a usb device and you won't have that problem, if your wii is even capable of playing burned dvds.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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