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Thread: Wasabi DX + Softmodded wii...Call of duty black ops NEED HELP

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    Wasabi DX + Softmodded wii...Call of duty black ops NEED HELP

    I have a wasabi DX and at the same time my wii tried to update when i got call of duty i updated but wasabi blocked the update rendering the update as successful but after that i never tested the multiplayer
    anyways shortly after i got my wii softmodded which i made a few mistakes fixed them now my main problem is when i downgraded my wii to make it region free, I decided to test call of duty online but its requesting an update to play online (note my wii is now 4.1 thanks to the downgrade) to top it off wasabi DX is blocking all updates and the softmodded software is also blocking in game and online updates...Im not too sure what to do about this.

    Now im wondering if downgrading was a bad move, anyways call of duty is the right region for my wii

    anyways if it is necessary could someone tell me how to safely upgrade my wii back to 4.3 E

    im also worried about future games with multiplayer online that will need such updates as this problem i am facing now

    (Its better t o be safe then sorry Thats why im asking)
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    Look at the problematic games thread.


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    I just went ahead and updated cod without even following that guide...amazingly it worked

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    Whatev, thread closed (as all Black Ops threads/posts are when they aren't asked within the guide by Krank).

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