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Thread: Does a softmod on a pal wii make it possible to play it on a ntsc tv?

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    Does a softmod on a pal wii make it possible to play it on a ntsc tv?

    just asking.. cause i moved from australia to us and brought my wii to the usa. I've already hacked it.. just wondering if the hack makes it possible to play it on a ntsc tv...

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    You would need to access AnyRegionChanger and set it to NTSC, if you want to be risky. Don't just do this, though. Do some research to see if it would definitely work or how to recover from it if it doedn't work. Another option would be to get an HD TV or the like. My friend has one, and he installed iPlayer and the view didn't mess up. We were able to view it perfectly.

    But as I said, be careful with this process as messing with AnyRegionChanger is just asking for a brick.

    EDIT: No, a softmod can't possibly help you with that.

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    you can force the reigon of the game your playing to ntsc or yoou could change the reigon of your wii, ive changed my wiifrom ntsc japan to pal and it all went perfectly

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    I know games can be changed to force ntsc/pal but what about the system menu? Would a PAL Wii have the scrolling effect on an NTSC tv set or does the Wii have the ability to change refresh rates?

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    nope the scrren will black and white with lines over it but you still be able to navigate through it to get to your games but it would be a bit of a pain

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    thanks a bunch for the tips guys! definitely research first... dont wanna brick my wii ><


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