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Thread: Okami: freeze at the first loading screen

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    Okami: freeze at the first loading screen

    Hi mates, the thing is I am trying to run this game back up through CFG USB loader but it just freezes at the first loading screen...could anybody give me a hand please??

    Thanks a lot

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    yeah I'm getting the same thing. after loads of searching and reading and re reading and more searching, I believe I need IOS21-64-v514, which I have just this minute downloaded with NUSDownloader, and created a WAD file with it in, now I forget how to install wads and I also wanted to check here first whether this is safe, and not just gonna brick my wii... I am on 4.3E, softmodded using the 4.3 softmod guide. Most games work fine, a few needed their IOS changed in CFG USB Loader's settings, one needed the alt.dol method, but this is the first one I've come accross that seems to need this IOS installing business, so I thought I'd check if I already have the right IOS and if so, how to enable it in cfg usb loader. I could trial and error it, but there's a few to go through and rebooting the wii from the power button is far too much effort ;P
    Plus my fiance is playing sims 3 at the moment...

    thanks from me too, to whoever can guide me and op in right direction =]

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    uff, what a pain just for one game, we will hope it is worth...So willium, if you succes with that, tell me something please, or let's see if somebody could bring the solution to this problem...

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    seriously...does not anybody have a clue about this ???

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    Hey I got your PM, sorry I haven't gotten around to trying yet but will hopefully try this weekend and if it works I'll post instructions

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    Just so you know if you are USB loading your IOS are irrelevant. You use your cIOS to launch the game. You can update your IOS all you want and it will have no effect.
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