What is MENUdo?

MENUdo is a free homebrew operating system for the Nintendo DS, designed to work on any flashcard. Created by Filipino programmer Soulanger, MENUdo aims to provide a new experience for the Nintendo DS, including integrated features such as real-time skinning, homebrew/ROM loading, MOD format media playback, note-taking with various keyboards, picture drawing with pressure sensitivity (on the DS Lite), and more.

With MENUdo, you can do more things with your Nintendo DS than you ever imagined possible. All you need is a flashcard such as an AceKard, R4, M3 Real, or Supercard. Compatibility is reported to be 100% with cards, however ROM loading requires an AKAIO or YSMenu-compatible flashcard.

Warning: Only works for cards smaller than 4GB so non SDHC.

The MENUdo homebrew works great only problem is that people can't run commercial roms with the standard version.
If you use this version of the YSmenu loader it will work.

What you must do is:
1. Download the normal version for TTDS MENUdo from: Here
2. Copy it to the root of your Flash-Card.
3. Download Alternative YSmenu loader- Here
4. Unpack the files to the root and overwrite the current files.
5. You now have a working MENudo with commercial roms loader.

Get themes for MENudo- Here



Copy paste them to: Root/_menudo/themes

Thanks to Sleepyz from GBAtemp for most of the info