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Thread: Bootmii sd card

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    Bootmii sd card

    I have been using this guide to get homebrew on my wii:

    I figured out that bootmii doesnt like the sd card i'm using . So i was wondering if this sd card would work: Transcend 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GSDHC6: Electronics

    If this one doesnt work what would be a different card around that size/price that would work?

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    what problems are you having with bootmii and your sd card?
    and try a 2gb to softmod your wii if you can
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    almost "any" 1GB or 2GB sd card, FAT/FAT32 formatted, good for bootmii as boot2 , nand backup purpose. card speed is not an issue.
    not to use any SDHC card, u'll be fine.

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    When i start bootmii recovery it says:

    Bootmii not found, too dangerous to continue. I didnt have the option to install it as boot2 so i had to install bootmii as an ios.
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    i found the problem

    Clicked onto the one to the chip and not from it. Started the recovery instead of the backup. Sorry about that. >_<

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    well, u're doing nand recovery (fm sd to wii), not nand backup (fm wii to sd).


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