Team Cyclops have released firmware 2.0 for both CycloDS flashcarts.


+ Common:
* The new and improved CycloDS GUI is now available for mainstream users,
bringing with it improvements such as bookmarks, enhanced skinning, enhanced
cheat code support, multiple save slots, file management and much more.
Full documentation to follow on the CycloDS website
* Fixed skin freezing bug
* Game compatibility fixes (DSi 101, DSi 109, 5140, 5174, 5175, 5243, 5274,
5275, 5326, 5329, 5343, 5358, 5364)
+ iEVO:
* First public stable firmware release for iEvolution
* Added DSi mode homebrew compatibility layer
* Fixed IPC bug relating to homebrew software
* Improved compatibility with DSi enhanced titles

Source- GBatemp