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Thread: Freezing after Wii strap screen

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    Question Freezing after Wii strap screen

    Using USB loader gx and cfg usb loader. I keep having an issue with most games where after the strap screen the game freezes, only thing is if you hit your home button the can't go home icon pops up... It works with some but not with others which is where I'm kinda confused as to what the problem would be... I'm on a black wii. system menu 4.3

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Im a noob but if your loading from backups i would try Installing CIOS 249 rev 17. Like I said though im a noob and probably wrong.

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    Nope it's still happening...

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    One more thing i know to try. Install CIOS 222,223 and 224 by hermes. Then load using cfg usb loader. Go to game settings and load using either CIOS 222m, or 223m. Hope this helps!

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    he already has all that from the guide he followed...the problem seems to be your hdd..spindown..

    try GX 2.0....CFG v61 & Wiiflow 2.2(r304)...with 249 and 222

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    Did i atleast do a half way decent job on my first attempt to help?


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