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Thread: Gotta love Ebay..

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    Gotta love Ebay..

    I won a 360 on Ebay for just over $26 (verified dvd drive wouldn't open). So I get it today, plug everything in to make sure it actually powered up.

    Not only did it power up, it has the MFG date of 10-7-08 and the 7173 Kernel Oh, the humanity...Once it gets cleaned up, it's off to the mod-man himself. Might be the best $26 I've ever spent.

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    I'm right here

    I usually deal through Craigslist
    I bought a wii for $20. Said to not work fully or something. Tested it, worked fine

    I got a couple 360's to fix, 1 I'm cam on once and is kinect ready the other I don't know... maybe it's low enough...
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