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Thread: Wii Opera Web Browser - Flash Update Or Mod

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    Wii Opera Web Browser - Flash Update Or Mod

    Just wondering if anyone has a moded version of Opera Web Browser that has the latest version of Adobe Flash support as Nintendo have not updated there Flash Content Support through Opera.

    Also it would be interesting to know if anyone has managed to get a custom Web Browser to work on there Wii that has support for newer Flash content. Thanks all!

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    I don't know of either, answering for both of what you said.
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    I just did a search for an opera update/mod too and this is the only thread coming up. It's been a few months and I think I have seen something about a flash mod before. I don't know, so I'm bumping this thread in hopes something has come up since Feb.

    I know wiiXplorer reads http, or at least I think it does. But can it read flash? I'm not talking about hulu or anything. I'm just talking about basic flash seen on most websites. Like the sound clips on wikipedia.
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    Forget the Opera browser , use WiiMc and you get Youtube and Shoutcast support .

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    I checked out WiiMC myself, but it doesn't fulfill what I'm looking to do either. There are times when I want to logon through websites on the wii (for sound and video) and playback of certain videos don't work. I.E., I'm a college student, and sometimes course "videos" are posted using "jing" . I can use Opera to get to the website, but it will not play the videos.

    I have modded my wii using ModdMii 5 from an older modd, but I don't think ModMii updates the opera browser. Perhaps updating the Opera browser would take care of this. Would this be safe?


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