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Thread: Greetings, fellow Wii hackers.

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    Greetings, fellow Wii hackers.

    Hello, my name is Don. I do apologize in advance for any lack of grammatical coherence, or detail for that matter, as I'm a bit under the weather and have just woken up. Anyways, to get you started knowing me, I'll provide some personal information, and then as much information on my hacking process as possible. Also, my inventory of hacking materials and skills will be evaluated. So, that being said, let's start, shall we?


    I am a 17 year old male from the Chicago suburbs. I am a Nintendo fanatic, obviously, and I am rather skilled with electronics. That's about as personal as I'm willing to get, this being my first post.


    Two days ago I began, yet again, hacking my Nintendo Wii. Since my cousin somehow managed to upgrade it to 4.3(U), BannerBomb was obviously out of the question. I went to Blockbuster to rent one of the required games, and they were out of stock. I had $25 USD at the time, so I drove up to GameStop. I proceeded to purchase Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it was $49 new, and $44 used. I had this money elsewhere, but I then recalled the "Indiana Pwns" hack. I purchased "Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures", for $20. When I returned home, I took inventory on many things, the first being all types of Wii compatible storage media. I had:

    1.) Approximately 50+ Blank DVD+R discs
    2.) 3 working SD cards:
    -A.) 8GB Micro SDHC Card, with Micro SD to SD Adapter.
    -B.) 16GB SDHC Card.
    -C.) 1GB SD Card.
    3.) A 2TB External USB Hard Drive
    4.) A (currently non-working) 8GB Flash Drive ("PUNY" was the brand name.)
    5.) 60 - 70 CD-R discs.

    I then took inventory of other technical devices that could be used in this project:

    1.) A Nintendo Wii (Obviously)
    -A.) 1 Wii Remote
    -B.) 2 Classic Controllers
    2.) Gateway NV52 Laptop, Windows 7, built in SD card slot.
    3.) iBook G4
    -A.) Micro SD to USB adapter
    4.) A random P4 Desktop, 2.4GHz Single core, 1GB Ram, 500 GB IDE HDD.
    -A.) The Micro SD to USB Adapter listed above could also be used on this.

    And finally, my electronic skills:

    1.) I can solder.
    2.) I've constructed many different kinds of circuitry before.
    3.) I'm a musician, specializing in music using synthesizers, or other electronic devices.
    -A.) Such as the electric guitar.
    4.) Finally, I've worked with code and know a decent amount about software.

    Okay, so back to the process:

    [This is the second time, the first time (not mentioned) failed because it was an SDHC card, the 8GB one to be precise.]

    I downloaded the "Indiana Pwns" files, and put them on the 1GB SD (not HC) card.
    I then inserted the Card, and copied the USA File to my Wii.
    I inserted the "Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures" disc, and exited the hall that the save file placed me in, and went into the art room. I then went up to the figure on the left podium, and selected the "double silhouette" option. I (or it) then installed the Homebrew Channel. I had no apps, then.

    I downloaded and installed the "NeoGamma backup loader", but it would not load my backed up "Super Paper Mario". And yes, I do own the legitimate version. I was doing this for testing. After no success with other Wads, I tried to downgrade my firmware, but again, no success.I then resorted to UsbLoaderGX, and I attempted to install it on the 2TB USB HDD, but nothing from the usb device was loaded into the homebrew channel. Now, I'm here typing this as my wii is in a pending state of downgrading the IOS with the "Trucha Bug Restorer". I have yet to successfully implement the "NUS Downloader", so the only option I receive when attempting to downgrade the IOS is "Load IOS from SD". I obviously do not have this, and need "NUS Downloader" to work.

    That, my fellow Wii Hackers, is the extent of my Wii hacking progress, in as much detail that I can provide right now. And that is also a decent introduction for me and my purpose, I believe. Keep in mind, this is not a question, I am just providing information.


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    Hello Don
    That was a lot to take in. Installing just HB on your wii isnt sufficient to get a usb loader to work. You need a working cios.
    Check Mauifrogs 4.3 guide out in the link below this will get you and running.


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