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Thread: 4.3u SoftMod - Wiiflow DSI Exceptions and Freezing

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    Question 4.3u SoftMod - Wiiflow DSI Exceptions and Freezing

    Hi All,

    I recently followed these guides to mod my Wii:

    HDD Used: WD Elements 500GB USB 2.0 (P/N: WDBAAR5000ABK-00)
    HDD Format: 1 FAT32 Partition (Active/Primary)

    Apps Currently Using:
    • HBC 1.08 IOS58 v24.32
    • MMM 13.4
    • Priiloader 0.4 (r78) IOS v60 SystemMenu v449
    • WiiFlow 2.1 r92 IOS222 rev4
    • USB Loader GX 2.0 r1038 cIOS250
    • SysCheck 2.0.1
    • DOP-Mii v14.5 (SVN r148M)
    • Hackmii Installer

    I'm having consistent issues with WiiFlow DSI Exception Errors and freezing during loading. I also experience freezing during games, mainly when starting to load cut scenes or going back to WiiFlow when pressing the home button.

    I also have USB Loader GX installed. I use this when having issues with WiiFlow. I am also experiencing the same freezing issues with the loader and cut scenes. I do not have the DSI Exception errors with USB Loader GX.

    I have included my SysCheck. Just looking for some guidance from the experts :-)

    Thanks in advance!

    SysCheck 2011-02-01

    EDIT: 02-04-2011
    I reapplied the steps in Mauifrog's guide and have not had an issue for the last few days. Thanks to all for your prompt help and expertise!
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    Why install those cios from Cile guide? Mauifrog had everything you needed. Its recommended to have 249 at rev17 [38]. Pretty sure you already have rev20 on another slot. Is your drive formatted as FAT32? Here is a guide on that

    I myself use cfg loader v65 with my fat32 drive which is the same model as yours.

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    I used the cIOS from Cile guide because I was looking for updated cIOS249r18+. I needed this so USB Loader GX would recognize my partition. Yes, my HDD is formatted with one FAT32 partition.

    I will reinstall the original cIOSes from Mauifrog's guide and see if that resolves the issue.

    Other than the one cIOS249 issue you mentioned, is there anything else that I should modify? Regarding the loader, do you recommend CFG Loader over WiiFlow?

    Re-applied Mauifrog's 4.3 SoftMod/SoftMod ANY Wii guides and updated WiiFlow to latest version (v2.2 r304). Here is my updated SysCheck. So far so good no freezes.

    SysCheck (after re-applying mods)

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    IOS150? Looks OK to me, except I'm unaware what that is. Please don't bump your posts, use the "EDIT" button (that is what it's there for).

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    It clearly said in the spoiler (cios wads guide) dont use if you followed mauifrogs guide....

    you issue was wiiflow 2.1 .....Out of all loader i have tried CFG is my favourite....i only use wiiflow to show off

    you should use the 250/222/223 boot.dol for wiiflow

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