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Thread: Loadstructor Windows 7 Error

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    Loadstructor Windows 7 Error

    Hey guys im kinda new here but, when i try to use loadstructor on my windows 7 laptop it wont make the .wads but on my windows xp they will . Lately on my windows 7 when i try using it it says this:

    Reading loader...
    Reading C:\Users\Robert Lynch\Documents\Games\Wii Games\Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles.iso...
    Fatal error: File access denied
    Done. Created 0 wads of 1

    What is the access denied??? Please can someone help me

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    i have not updated it in awhile... but you can start here:

    also right click on the .exe of loadstructor and troubleshoot compatibility and set to win xp

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    well i tryed the windows xp thing but still nothing :/


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