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Thread: USB Drive and WBFS games, 4gb files issue

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    USB Drive and WBFS games, 4gb files issue

    I recently copied my WBFS files from one hard drive to another. They are both formatted exactly the same (FAT32). Strangely I noticed that the bigger games (dual layer games bigger than 4gb) on one hard drive had smaller wbfs files. Example: SSBB- inside the wbfs folder of one hard drive, it has two files wbfs- 4gb and wbfs1-3gb. On my other hard drive it shows wbfs-4gb and wbfs1-zero kb. I tried repeatedly to transfer that single file that was missing and the entire folder. It transfers 3gbs as if it is going in the hard drive but when its done, it still shows zero kb. And this is with every single game over 4gb. (SSBB, Metroid trilogy, Metroid: Other M, COD Black ops, Samurai Warriors etc). The games seem to work but Im wondering if at a certain point during gameplay it will just freeze from missing data. How do I fix this?

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    Not. I personally would just play, and only post about this if you get trouble.
    The reason that this happens could be anything.

    But it is good to see that you look at what you're doing and what's happening.

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