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Thread: USB Loader GX Wont even show games anymore

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    USB Loader GX Wont even show games anymore

    I've had USB Loader now for over a year, but now today I turned my wii on today and USB Loader says 0 Games on the HD....??? WTF? what happened? It still shows up on USB Config, but not GX... why?? Anybody know why this is happening?

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    Did you update GX last time you played?
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    Like joostin said you probably updated or something happened that it didn't like. Wipe it from your SD card (or wherever you store it) and install again. If it's a full channel delete it and use a forwarder with an SD card instead.
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    in case you didn't know where to find it. something must have corrupted on your card or hd.

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    UPDATE: I checked the GAME LOAD settings, Somehow the PARTITION setting changed to FAT, but I changed it back and it all shows up again. Thanks for the fast replies though.


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