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Thread: My introductory Post, and what brought me to WiiHacks

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    Ca My introductory Post, and what brought me to WiiHacks

    Well, jumping into the foray for the first time here, and making my introductory post:

    A couple of weeks ago, the kids' Wii acted up, refusing to read any of their library of discs. It's about 1.5 years old, and has served us faithfully till now, so I suppose I can't grumble (too much) about something going wrong with it, but I still thought given how carefully it was used, it'd last a bit longer. The discs themselves are fine, as they're only ever handled by the edges, and the data surfaces are pristine as a result. Maybe dust? Dirty drive lens maybe?

    I found video guides elsewhere on how to disassemble/re-assemble a Wii and did that in the hopes I could clean the lens with some isopropyl alcohol and get it back up and running, but no joy, the drive itself seems to have developed some sort of mechanical issue. At least the console is re-assembled, and back to the level of functionality it had before I disassembled it; Everything else still works, but without that drive, it's effectively a paperweight. (Rats.)

    I thought about calling in a non-warranty repair to Nintendo (the console's over a year old, as I said,) but with no experience as to what their repair time-frames are, I didn't want to get stuck in a many-week wait for them to fix and ship out the repaired unit. So, I purchased a new Wii console. My original plan was to copy all the saved games from the old Wii to an SD card, and then from that to the new Wii and hopefully get the kids back up and running quickly. That's where my frustrations began.

    Eight of the save-game files refused to copy due to some policy Nintendo has about WiFi enabled games, and their refusal to allow a customer to copy those save-games to an SD card. (Insert much cursing under my breath, and leave that as a rant for another time, but they are going to hear about that idiotic decision they made...) I managed to get the rest of the save-games copied to the SD card, and from there, copied to a backup folder on my computer, just in case. I decided to stop doing anything else at that point, as I was tired, frustrated, and in a bad mood about the eight save-games that wouldn't copy.

    Next day at work, I talked to some of my colleagues who own Wii consoles. I told them the story up to this point and one pointed me to an online guide at a popular video site put together by some "Nerdy" fellow. (No, I'm not linking to it, I gather he's a bit of a persona-non-grata 'round these parts, and I actually bothered to read several posts AND the rules prior to posting today!)

    I watched the video at home that night, read the comments to it, and went back to work and talked to the guys some more, mostly to get some assurances that this actually worked and wouldn't turn the newly purchased Wii into a giant paperweight. At the very least, even if it succeeded, I'd be completely without warranty or support from Nintendo, but I'm just mad enough at them after their "Refuse to copy some of the save-games" stunt, that was willing to take the plunge.

    Comes the weekend, and Saturday morning I begin the project. Very carefully, and slowly, I do all of the required steps, making sure to watch every result, no errors, all good, and finally I have a soft-modded Wii with a USB external drive option (USB Loader GX).

    I figured out how to get a 250 gig Western Digital IDE drive in a Vantec USB 2.0 enclosure to actually format with WBFS on the Wii: I had to create a primary partition in XP's drive manager first, but not format it, then let the Wii format the partition. (This gives me an idea for a feature suggestion for the author of USB Loader GX - Add partition creation/deletion functionality so you don't have to create the partition with a computer.)

    Once I had my WBFS partition formatted, I loaded my first Wii disc to the hard drive, tried it out, and it ran from the hard drive! I do believe I let out a victory whoop at this point. (And then had to tell the kids, "No kids, you can't play yet...") From this point I spent the rest of Saturday, and Sunday morning from 6:15 am till a little after noon getting all the titles loaded.

    First impressions? This is slick, I'm loving this "Run from Hard drive" idea. We'll never have to swap discs again, and this should save the new Wii's optical drive from a lot of wear and tear! The kids are excited too!

    A couple of the titles won't run correctly (Wii Sports Resort / Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands) but I'll be searching WiiHacks' threads for answers.

    Before I go making changes/further patches, I want to do a lot more studying to learn how all of the various components of the softmods I installed actually fit together and work. (I've already found and bookmarked some excellent guides here!)

    And with that, I say hello, and that I'm looking forward to participating.

    (Hopefully I wasn't too wordy with my intro...)

    - Argentium
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    All I can say is... WOW. That has to be the longest Intro on record, LOL. You may wish to repost this in the newbie section after utilizing the search feature this site has to offer (more on that below). Welcome to wiihacks

    Hello and welcome to

    You joined the right site to learn everything about Wii modding and hacking.

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    Before posting it is always good to check if the question has been answered already, the chances are very high. Just give the searchbar a shot - further infos in the Ultimate Searching Guide by emuhack. Keep in mind you can also search within the thread your are currently reading, look above the posts and find "Search Thread" in the grey bar.

    Maybe you want to try out this as well:
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    You might also want to check out the Ultimate Wiihacks Index, the Author Index and the Wii Softmodding - Basics and Beyond to get along the site and get to know some hacking terminology etc .

    When you decide to post in the forum, make sure you are posting in the appropriate section of the forum and that you have searched and found no solution. Describe your problem in detail and what you have done before the error occured, provide a syscheck.

    Your Wii

    Clearly you want to know what is inside your Wii. Track down the Wii's serial No. (sticker on the console's back) and just find it out!

    If you got a DVD drive with one of the newer D3-v2 or D4 chips you won't be able to play any non retail wii or gc game disc (game backup or movie dvd). All black/red and recently bought Wiis will have one of those chips.
    You got one? Go for a softmodding USB loading route.

    Go to your wii settings menu and look in the upper right corner and find out which system menu version you currently got installed on your wii. On that you decide which softmod guide to use and hack your wii.

    Softmod Guides

    To initially softmod your Wii use one of the following softmod guides. Just choose the guide which you understand the most. If you want to start over and want to get rid of a previous installation, just install new things on top of old. There is no need to delete everything or virginizing your wii. Make sure you install Bootmii get a NAND backup. Install Priiloader and block disc and online updates.

    To load your game backups from a USB hard drive follow the:

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