SwitchMii - switch2sneek mod
by person66

SwitchMii(Includes Source Code & Forwarder
Source- GBAtemp

This is a simple application for switching between real NAND and SD/USB NAND (through SNEEK).

This is a beta release so there are RISKS you could make your Wii unoperable (i.e. bricked). Do not use this application if you cannot take such a risk.

This app works with bootmii as boot2, and bootmii as IOS (but then I don't really see the point)

How is it different from switch2sneek?:

-Detects if you are on SNEEK or UNEEK, and then uses the proper commands
-Checks the name of the 'switchtosneek' file to determine if you want to switch to SNEEK or your real NAND (instead of asking you)
-Uses BootMii as IOS
-Works with UNEEK

1. Bootmii
2. SD card has bootmii directory or folder with the following files inside:

a. armboot.bin from bootmii installation
b. armbootsneek.bin from SNEEK v2 compilation
c. ppcboot.elf from bootmii installation
d. bootmii.ini
e. switchtosneek (blank file, no extension)

3. SD card has apps directory or folder, and inside that folder:

a. switchmii folder with the following files:
i. boot.dol
ii. icon.png
iii. meta.xml

The app does most of the work, once the above files are on your sd card, just run the app.
It will detect wheather you want to switch to SNEEK/UNEEK or BootMii (it checks the name of the "switchtosneek" file)
Then it will switch.

By default, if your switching from SNEEK/UNEEK back to your NAND, it will reboot the Wii once it's done setting up the files.
However, you can change this by creating a new blank file (without an extension) in the "bootmii" directory and naming it...

i. 'exitmii' -- If you want it to go back to the Wii menu (still in SNEEK, useful when using in combination with priiloader)
ii. 'shutdown' -- If you want the wii to shut down once its done

NOTE: If it finds both 'exitmii' and 'shutdown' it will just reboot like normal.