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Thread: My GeckoOS doesnt work, HELP!

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    My GeckoOS doesnt work, HELP!

    So I downloaded my GeckoOS onto my Homebrew channel and I have firmware 3.4U but when I load the application the menu that says "Launch, Option config, etc." doesnt pop up, So I figured I would downgrade my Wii so I did and still...nothing. Anyone know what the problem is? I just ordered Tatsunoko vs Capcom yesterday and I dont want to have wasted my money.

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    download that file, and put it on exactly as you see, and it should work fine, since that is the EXACT file i use

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    So does this work with Firware 3.4U? and which file am I downloading cuz I didnt want the cheats. I just wanted my GeckoOS to work.

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    the file is all the programs and such
    it contains Gecko OS, in the right folder, and all of that, its fully working and shouldnt cause you a issue

    and yes gecko OS works fine on 3.4

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    It says "step 0, downgrade this then put it in the root of your SD card" I put the file called "Files needed" in my SD card and GeckoOS doesnt show up on my Homebrew channel.

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    -.-;; maybe it isnt idiot proof

    theres 2 folders in there

    SD card root
    and PC

    in the SD card root there will be apps
    open that, and move gecko OS in your apps folder, or move over the whole apps folder


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