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Thread: I screwed my new Wii by installing D2Sun1.5 chip,please help me

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    Question I screwed my new Wii by installing D2Sun1.5 chip,please help me

    Hello to every one.

    I recently bought a wii ,

    I modified it with D2SUN1.5.

    One of my friend brought some games from china(whole sale market).

    I tried those games to play.

    When i insterted that disc. It ask me update

    1)I updated it.

    Then i got a error message.System files corrupted.

    so i switched off and remove the disk.

    played my orginal wii sporsts disc.

    I can see one of the chanel is coming in chinese titles.

    2)some times when i put a games disk insde.It is not reading the disc.

    showing an error msg."please insert disc".

    3)some times it is not taking any games disc inside.

    I have to switch it off and try gain.

    I dnt know whats going.

    Do any body have solution for this.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in Advance

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    rent a copy of Animal Crossing and run it.

    It'll contain the 3.4U update and should repair what you're seeing.

    1st thing you should know is to never update your console with out-of-region games.

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    thanks for replying for problem.

    I have tried used the animal crossing game. It is some thing else.

    how can remove all updates including system update and game updates.

    I dnt have SD card memory in my wii.

    Please help if any body come across this type of problem and solved the issue.

    Thanks In advance


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