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Thread: Wii wont load DOL's, trying to find DVDxV2, 4.3U (Or how do I downgrade to 4.2?)

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    Wii wont load DOL's, trying to find DVDxV2, 4.3U (Or how do I downgrade to 4.2?)

    I need DVDx because some Homebrew apps dont support DVDs without it. (Wiisx, Snes9x)
    The only download I could find it either 4.1>, or DVDxV2 for 4.2 (Bundled with Hackmii).

    The Wii I have is 4.3U, so if im going to downgrade at all, id rather 4.2 rather then lower.

    I tried to google help, however, everyone says DVDx is no longer needed because the Homebrew channel supports it now apparently by itself. But still, doesn't help that some apps like Wiisx still need DVDxV2.

    The newest Hackmii doesnt have DVDxV2, so I have to get a 4.2 version. However, this wont work because my Wii is 4.3, not 4.2, so it comes with alot of problems on installing.

    So, the only thing I can think of is to downgrade to 4.2.
    However, if I google that, everyone says not to do it because its more harmful then anything lol..but I dont have much of a choice if I want to use Snes9x or Wiisx with DVDs. (Its MUCH better to save games themselves on DVDs then on my SD, because DVDs can hold MUCH more then my puny little SD can)

    Oh, and kinda unrelated to my DVDx problem, my homebrew channel wont load DOLS, only ELFs.(GeckoOS runs fine)
    Changing the extentions to ELF doesnt help either.
    Should I just reinstall the homebrew channel?

    And yes, I do have a NAND backup with Bootmii attached to my Boot2, so I am not that worried about a Brick..
    And I am 100% sure my drive supports DVD reading. Because I could get GCBackupLauncher to work previously with Melee.
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    Hate to, but the threads off the first page, and I doubt anyone looks beyond that.

    any help or opinions on this would be nice.

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    Took a few seconds to search on this site to find this.

    Hope it works for you too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornflake123 View Post
    Took a few seconds to search on this site to find this.

    Hope it works for you too.
    I would love to test it, but I can only load half my homebrew because my homebrew channel wont load dol's

    I tried to reinstall using hackmiis installer, but no change.
    When I try to google "Wii not loading dol" or 'dol black screen wii' it comes up with stuff that doesnt help my cause.

    And again, no, renaming the dols to elfs wont work either.

    Edit: I found a page with my problem:

    However, I cant load banner bomb because I am 4.3 and I thought bannerbomb was for 4.2>
    And I no longer have a brawl CD to try SmashStack.
    Any alternatives to load a dol so I can get to DOP Mii?
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    I would start over and just completely resoftmod your Wii. There are a few other games that you can use that have an exploit now too. I don't know why none of the dol's will load.... they are in a folder thats in a folder called apps and the dol is named boot.dol right?

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    Cant exactly restart lol.
    I dont know of any way to just refresh my wii without updating. (In which case, I wouldnt be able to resoftmod I dont think, would I?)
    and I had to borrow brawl from someone to softmod in the first place, and I am hoping to get this done tonight instead of waiting a while to ask to have it again.

    And yes, if they wernt I dont think they would show up in the hbc to begin with.

    I am trying to follow this guide:

    In which case, I found something else out, my wii does load some dol apps(wat?)
    because the cios installer seems to work while nothing else doesnt.
    Oh well, im going to continue following it and see if I can fix it, if not, I will edit this post and say so.


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