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Thread: Guitar hero warriors of rock dlc imports not working

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    Guitar hero warriors of rock dlc imports not working

    Hello I have downloaded the dlc import for a song from guitar hero 6 and it didn't work even though it shows that i have a wii symbol next to it.... please help me

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    Sorry, we do not support DLC on site anymore. The DLC didn't come from our GH6 guide by Krank. DLC invariably has to do with piracy issues, as legitimate owners wouldn't have a problem. Please review site rules below:

    Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - Forum Rules

    Also as you've already been counseled on this (and you've ignored this), I find your behavior objectionable. Post here to start with (you know, what it says in the rules you like to ignore):

    Introduce Yourself


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