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Thread: Hello from Sydney, any body please help me

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    Unhappy Hello from Sydney, any body please help me

    Hello to every one.

    I recently bought a wii ,

    I modified it with D2SUN1.5.

    One of my friend brought some games from china(whole sale market).

    I tried those games.

    When i insterted that disc. It ask me update

    1)I updated it.

    Then i got a error message.

    System files corrupted.

    so i switched off and remove the disk.

    played my orginal wii sporsts disc.

    I can seee one of the chanel is coming in chinese titles.

    2)some times when i put a cgames disc insde.It is not reading the disc.

    showing error msg."please insert disc".

    3)some times it is not taking any games disc inside.

    I have to switch it off and try gain.

    I dnt know whats going.

    Do any body have solution for this.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Guys,

    No one is answering my post.

    Can any have any idea about my problem.


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    being stupid?

    updates out of region is a brick

    you cant use CD's only DVD's

    D2sun has that problem for some people

    update once in region, then downgrade, and only use dvd's

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I have not used cd's. I have used DVD only.

    I have tried to remove the duplicate chanels, because i have got three new channel & three forecast chanels.

    I have gone through the instrucations from the FAQ , Guides tutorial section.

    I have use WII chanel remover(PAL) version iso.I did not worked.

    do u have any idea.

    Once again Thanks for your time & reply.

    Currently I am having 3.4E on My WII.

    I will try to downgarde my WII.
    I just bought this WII just 20 days back.


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    3.3+ blocks fake signed games IE anygames with a edit to them , use a program in homebrew channel to uninstall and 3 LOL, never heard of anyone doing that

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    mybe cuz u modified that prob y u cant ply some games

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    but what about the duplicate channels which are coming in chinese language

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    Japanese =x
    just use the dupe channel remover in homebrew channel

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    Thanks very much admiral.

    would you mind giving some eleborate on the above.

    I am new this WII. I have already screwed my wii.

    i dnt want get into more trobules.

    your handful instruction will be much appreciated.

    many Thanks

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