I inherited a wii with wiiflow 1.1 installed as a channel. I have been reading how to updates and done some of the work, but things are NOT turning out as I wish... so I better ask before continuing.

I download and updated to wiiflow 2.2 as instructed in Updates - WiiFloWiki, even installed a forwarder to have it as a channel. Configured it to return to wiiflow when exit game. What's strange that it will return to wiiflow 1.1 menu. Now I am not sure when this 1.1 app is coming from (it's not on the SD or HDD).

Could the previous owner installed it in the wii memory ? I've tried to delete this channel with AnyTitle_Deleter 1.7, but this app won't load for me. It just hung there after telling me I am the boss...etc....

Figured I better stop here and get some advice.

Thanks much in advance