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Thread: Compress ISO Newb question

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    Compress ISO Newb question

    Let me reworded.

    Ok, sorry for this newb question. I just finally got my Wii softmodded and got my first wii backup game. Issue is that the file is listed as being compress? When I check the ISO file it is listed at 4.37 GB. When I check on WBFS manager the game shows up with a smaller size. I'm wondering if this means that the full motion videos and sound are being compress and is a lower quality vs the disc game I have. How would one person go about backup there own disc? I tried searching online for a computer software but couldn't find one.
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    read the rules on piracy dude....and edit your post

    site rules>>>>>Announcements - General Homebrew/Hack issues
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    Even after editing it you still say you downloaded a game....... I'll look for this post being closed in a few minutes lol

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    How would one person go about backup there own disc?
    Use any of the USB loaders and it can install your game to the hardrive. I am assuming you didn't know this and resorted to downloading a copy of your game that you own.

    It's not actually compressed and no quality is lost, don't worry about it.

    If you read around a bit you will figure out why the file size is different.
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