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Thread: WiiKey2 White label

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    WiiKey2 White label

    Hi All,

    Ive trawled over the site looking for answers, however no one has posted my particular problem so I would appreciate some help please?

    I installed a white WiiKey2 with a white label, firstly with a V1.4 clip this is where I think I went wrong
    because next I inserted the WiiKey2 update and config disc, the software on the chip updated OK and the config screen does come up as shown on may sites on the net. (have I done this step too quick).

    I have now hardwired the chip to the console.

    However the Wii only recognises original games, the two leds flash blue/red as explained in many of the posts here.

    The backup games I am using work ok on my Wii using original wiikey. This console is for my nephews christmas so any help/suggestions are most welcome



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    it sounds like their is a issue with the chip, try to resolder it, or getting it reflashed

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    Do I use the recovery disc for the reflash?



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    you send it back to whom u bought it from


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