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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri (NTSC) freezing online.

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    Unhappy Monster Hunter Tri (NTSC) freezing online.

    Hello, I've been playing MH3 for a while now, and I've got some freezing problems with it. It was always freezing, but not as much. I've been playing offline and it used to freeze like once every 3~ hours or so I guess. On online it freezed a little bit more often, but I still managed to get to rank 24. The thing is, now, my Wii freezes (the annoying beep noise) like after 1~5 minutes after I start a quest online, sometimes even before starting it, while offline seems to be crash/freeze-less. I'm kind of new to all the OS things, but I've followed a few guides to get it running, installed various versions of the OS, used USB loader GX at first, but now I got the Configurable Loader (Loading game with 223-nload). My Wii software version is 3.4E, and I'm using external HDD + keyboard. Anyone knows how to get rid of the freezes?

    Thanks in advance.
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    So yeah.. I guess no one knows then? :S It's been a while..

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    im not sure mate it might be a bad rip, or check this thread

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    Hmmm... wonder why your thread just got closed. Could be: softmodded Wii question in hardmod section (check), or ignoring our guide for this game and creating an unnecessary thread (also check).


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