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Thread: Neogamma Disc Error 1208

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    Neogamma Disc Error 1208

    Whenever I try to load a gamecube backup up I keep getting Disc Error 1208,Disc ID. Anyone know how to fix this? Right now I'm running neogamma R9 B47 with IOS249 (Rev 21) I don't think my Wii is backup resistant since I bought it used off gamestop and it has Wii shop purchases on it from way back in 2007

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    did you install cMIOS

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    Yes, I tried both cmios v4 and v10. I get a disc error on both.

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    LOL, I tried those tutorials or else I wouldn't be posting in here.... Also I looked at the error index but my burnt disc is good, I tried it on another wii.


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