Hey folks,

I've soft modded my 4.2 Wii using a guide, and everything except the USB loaders are working properly. I'm hoping you can help.

Neither USB Loader GX or Wiiflow (222) will recognize my WD Passport Essentials 500 gig drive. When I install Wiiflow (249), it WILL recognize the drive if I connect it after loading the app from HBC, but it fails to recognize the game I installed to it via WBFS (says I can't find any games...), and freezes at the beginning of "installing game" when I try to install from disc. The progress bar appears and then just sits there mocking me until I power cycle the system.

For what it's worth, the drive was formatted with WBFS and seems to be working properly in the program (as far as loading a game goes...), and I have zero issues loading games from disks via neogamma. Also, after my first unsuccessful tries I installed Pimp Wy Wii and it updated some files and I installed cIOS20 to see if that would help, but still no dice.

Have I missed anything? Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks in advance!