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Thread: PS3 bypass system update

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    PS3 bypass system update

    I recently Jailbroke a friends PS3. I installed a backup manager and copied one game to the HD for testing. The game plays fine. He was telling me that some games will not play from the disc without updating the firmware. Is there a loader that will bypass updating the system and launch the games from the disc? Or once it is copied to the HD will it launch with the backup manager? I do not own a PS3 so I'm not to familiar with it. Thanks.

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    Basically All You Have To Do Is Make your primary DNS and your ps3 will be able to connect to psn without any updates

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    Can you be a little more specific? Is this something I do in my router or the network settings on the PS3? It's not my console so I don't know much about them. I just find the info to hack themes all. LOL!!!

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    network setting in ps3 then internet connection settings

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    Ok cool, will this allow him to play online too or is there another fix for that? Or does the jailbreak not allow any online gaming because Sony will ban your PS3?

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    thats why u bypass so sony dont know

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    Cool man. Thanks a lot

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    Hey man. Changing the primary DNS worked for a while but it's asking for a system update again. Does the DNS need to be changed again?

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    As of now there is no workaround. Keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure they will be coming out with a new way to bypass this system update.

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