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Thread: Not sure if this is a safe way to repatch IOS80

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    Not sure if this is a safe way to repatch IOS80

    When I first installed Darkcorp, I was having some issues with something (i forget) and I was told to install a clean IOS80. I did so and it didn't solve my issue, but I did find a solution. However, I just realized when I went to play my backup Gamecube game that it wouldn't load, because IOS80 isn't patched now. I know I need to patch it with the Trucha Bug, but I'm not sure if it's safe with Dopmii (I have v13). MultiModManager also gives me the option to patch it with fakesign/trucha bug. Can I just use MultiModManager to patch IOS80 with only fakesigning bug (none of the Nand Permissions, etc)?

    P.S. I'm on 4.3v2 with cIOS 249,222,223 and I also use WiiFlow.

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    ios80 wouldnt have anything to do with gamecube games....

    did you follow mauifrogs softmod guide guide....

    if your usb loading....why would you install darkcrop

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    1. Yes, IOS80 does not relate to playing gamecube games, but it relates to loading them from the disk channel.

    2. Nope, I don't remember which guide I followed, but it wasn't that one.

    3. I actually installed Darkcorp to boot gamecube games from the disk channel. It was also a safety precaution from Bannerbricks, along with a hack to boot the recovery menu by just pressing up on a Gamecube Controller put into the 4th slot. I DO HAVE PRIILOADER, but this is just another layer of protection.

    Because I unpatched IOS80, I lost the ability to boot backups directly from the Disk Channel and the recovery menu. Yes, I do have Wiiflow, but thats for WII GAMES, not gamecube games.

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    Reinstall darkcorp. That's the only way to fix it, you can't just "patch" IOS80 and expect it to work.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I suppose you are correct, But will it be okay to install Darkcorp 1.1 OVER the existing 1.1? I don't want to brick because of doing something stupid (not to mention I don't have Bootmii as Boot2). Also, you said you can't patch IOS80 and expect it work. Can I at least try to? (As long as I don't brick) For all you know, it just might work...
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    You misunderstand. Your IOS80 needs to be patched by the darkcorp installer. So you asked the wrong question....example I could answer you and tell you how to patch IOS80 but this would not fix your issue.

    Yes you can install it overtop of the current install. I would remove it as it's not needed and you should load via a backup loader.

    For all you know, it just might work...
    No. It will NOT work as I already told you. If you disagree then do whatever you want.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I now understand why I cannot patch it. Also, I see why Darkcorp is unnecessary. I know I should uninstall it, but I don't want to go through the mess of installing all my cIOSes and stuff like that. I'll just use a backup loader. I also wanted it as a safety precaution as said in post 3, but I'm probably not going to hack the Wii much more. Anyways, thanks for all of your help!

    P.S. Don't worry, I thanked your post!

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