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Thread: burning from downloaded games

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    burning from downloaded games

    i downloaded super mario allstars, i unzipped the file and everything. but not sure what to do next, i dont think it works because i tried to burn the game to a disc all ready but when i put it in the wii and launch neogamma it says dvd read error, whats happening.

    here is the file download. plz download and see if it is right 1,

    also the drive im using to burn the game is an optiarc
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    Lol, talk about fail....
    I'm just going to let a mod deal with this one.
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    thnx for the help .
    do i have to have a special burner for this

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    Wiihacks does not condone or support piracy so you will not get an answer plus you provided a link to pirated material which is against the rules.With 49 posts you should know better.

    Time for you to revisit the forum Rules


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